Word response to Introduction

Zach Walker

Word response to the Introduction

I had no idea how many different kinds of new media art there are. There were so many crazy new ideas that I have never even thought of that were mentioned in this reading. I didn’t know that a man could create a female character on a blog and then write posts acting as a female and people actually believing the stories. I knew that was possible I just never really considered it “art.” The other thing that I knew people do but never considered art is when people put webcams in their homes and keep the feeds live online so that anyone can watch what they do. This to me still seems a bit iffy as to whether it really is art or not but as long as it evokes an emotional response from the viewers it is art to me. When people put up webcams like that around their house it seems more like a character or behavioral study not necessarily art. It seems like a very close call to me.
The other thing that I always completely took for granted was the fact that the internet has created so many communities that don’t have the limits of geography or exist in the physical world. I never think of the internet like that because I am already part of so many online communities that I forget that the people I’m playing a game with or talking to are sometimes hundreds of miles away. The fact that the internet does this with the entire population of the world is a piece of art on its own.


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