ART 21 Word Response

Zachary Walker

Word response to ART 21 Episode

I felt like all the artist philosophies behind why they do art were all interesting. I liked Nauman’s mindset of efficiency in art and the satisfaction he feels when he does something in the most efficient way possible. I think he understands that the viewers are only half the equation when it comes to loving and appreciating art. He knows he is the other half of it and he is going to glean everything he can from it.

I also liked Marshall’s thoughts on how human’s visual perception of art hasn’t really changed for thousands of years. Humans are only different today because of our achievements and technology, the way we look at and react to art is still the same.

Lin’s idea that everything you’ve ever known is art makes total sense to me. I really appreciate the way she thinks and how she expands upon her ideas. She knows that nothing can stop an idea so she just lets it flow.

Bourgeois was definitely the most “out there” of all the artists we saw. I liked how crazy yet simple and uncomplicated her outlook on art is. It’s interesting that she thinks no art needs to be explained and that to do so would ruin the initial feeling the viewer would have upon looking at the art. It seems to me that she feels like if she has to explain her art then she has failed as an artist. Either that or the viewer just didn’t get it. I believe she wants her ideas and artwork to evoke emotion immediately upon seeing it and if you don’t get anything from it then its your fault not hers.



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