Artwork Review

Brenna Murphy 3D Scene

The second I saw this piece I knew I wanted to review it. Brenna Murphy using 3D modeling software did this work called “terrestrialtrancetree.” I felt a strong pull on it because I used to play a lot of Age of Empires and Sim City and this just reminds me of that. The composition is pretty consistent throughout and the hundreds of shapes and color variations make your eye move around the screen just to take it all in. All the colors seem like more washed out primary colors and auxiliary colors so nothing really jumps out at you when you initially look at it; but that’s a good thing because then you would just focus on that one point rather than the whole piece. The content is interesting because it looks rather like an alien fortress or castle. Traditional and yet impossible architecture seems to be used in the construction of this place.
I think the concept behind this is to look like a place that humans could almost build or visit. It gives off a certain sense of wonder as to the function of some of the structures. For instance, there are some structures that look like giant poster printers, or metal pressing machines, or mechanical waterfalls. I like how the art lets you interpret what these structures should do; and I think that’s the point, it brings out the architect in us all. It would be as if she gave us a toolbox and garage full of parts and let us go. She’s letting us build and society, a religion, and a government for the beings that built these structures.


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