Thought Partition (Project 1 AVT 280)

Project 1 280 UPDATED copy

This piece was designed to bring the viewer into the moment of my mind when I’m riding my bicycle. The mundane things like steering and shifting are up in the clouds because when you zone out on a bike you don’t need to think about those things, its just second nature. My thoughts divide into two different flows. The red river represents the important thoughts that need to be store in my warehouse. The green river represents the pointless noise and distractions that don’t pertain to the important issues in my life.
I first took the two pictures of the rivers and stitched them together using the patch and blur tool. Then I copied the sky textures in and blended them together with the patch tool as well. Finally I selected just the buildings from the backgrounds of their original pictures and blurred their edges with a really big and soft eraser. I had a lot of problems with getting the rivers to change color and the two different pictures of the rivers to look seamless together. If I were to go back and do it again I would split the whole piece in half horizontally by a set of huge handle bars to make the river scene look like a vision I and having while I bike. I’m excited about how each river’s color came out because I think I spent the most time on selected and editing them and I think they came out really well.


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