AVT 180 Project 2 Self Critique/Art Responses

Primal Entertainment
Project 2

The idea behind these objects is that once you achieve your basic survival needs then you need to entertain yourself. The multi-tool and the flashlight are examples of items you need to survive but you could also play with like toys. The drum, slinky, and action figure represent the need for distraction through music, novelty, and alternate reality. I tell the stories of these object from the perspective of someone in the future around the year 2080 or 2090. The problem I kept running into was how to make these everyday objects interesting even though we see them everyday. The answer to me was to put the objects in front of someone that has never seen them before like someone from the future. It would be like us looking at a toy from the 1920’s that we have never seen before. I also decided to go one step further by pretending that in the world of the future the technology for all these items have advanced from the pictures I’ve taken. I made up the future of motorcycle gloves, and slinkys by making up futuristic sounding technologies and fictitious industries.
The only real research I did for this project was very rudimentary looks into the histories of some of my objects to make my future technologies sound more realistic. I’m really excited about how the pictures came out because they look professional quality. The only thing that I am worried about is that the viewer of my art won’t get the idea to look at my pictures as if they live in the year 2080.
I wouldn’t really do much differently next time. I like the camera that I used and now that I know how to set the exposure setting that will make my pictures look better lit. I guess the only thing to do differently would be to take more pictures of the objects from more angles.

Orange future hot rod

I pulled this piece from deviantart so I don’t know the guy’s real name. But I know he made it in maya and I love anything made in maya because I potentially want to go in to the videogame design business. This doesn’t really have much to do with project 2 unless you count that it look like its from the future.
I think the line of this car flow really well even though they are all pretty much dead straight but there still is a sense of flow to it that cars like Cadillacs can’t pull off because they are just poorly designed in my opinion.

Badass buzz

This is a picture of what buzz lightyear would look like in real life. I love the lightning and the style of this piece and I think the fact that it was painted in photoshop makes it incredible. I always strive for this level of cleanliness in my work. I like the lines and edges to be clearly defined, and not muddled.


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