Primal Entertainment Project 2 9/22/13


This is called a multi-tool or a Leatherman. It has a total of 11 tools; these also haven’t been changed too much for the last 200 years because the needs of survival have not changed. There are hundreds of variations of this tool to meet the needs of all different kinds of outdoorsman. This one however is the standard for anyone who enjoys camping. It is made from aircraft aluminum with a powdered finish to give it a harder coating to with stand the elements of nature when out in the field. These tools have saved countless lives and should be put in any car or bag to take with you.
This tool was confirmed to belong to Zakk Walker who was the son of Arlo Walker. Zakk took after his father in that he loved to outdoors as well. Zakk and Arlo were known as weekend warriors and always found uses for their multi-tools during their various adventures. This one accompanied Zakk on a boyscout high adventure trip called Northern Tier which is a brutal campaign of portaging and paddling canoes through the rivers, lake ands swamps of Southern Canada in the province of Manitoba.


This is a flashlight used by campers, or any other kind outdoorsman. The technology for these hasn’t changed much but advances in batteries and bulbs have made them brighter and more efficient. The scratches on this one imply that it was well used. It was confirmed that this flashlight belonged to Arlo Walker; who was a famous explorer back in the 2010’s. He remapped the whole Chesapeake Bay with the help of this flashlight. Our researchers found that this flashlight saved his life during a terrible storm at sea one September night back in 2013. Without this light, Arlo and his crew would have fouled the propeller of the boat in the endless minefield of crab pots they braved through to get to their anchorage for the night.


This is a motorcycle glove. Riders would have worn these in the earlier part of this century. They were mainly designed for comfort, protection against the elements, and accidents so if riders wiped out they would not get road rash on their hands. Gloves today are now far more sophisticated with tritanium fibers weaved with Kevlar fabric. Back then they were made of a material called leather, which is processed cow skin. The middle and index fingers on this glove are well worn because riders used to keep the two fingers of their right hand on the front brake at all times in a technique called covering the brake. Today, hand lever operated brakes have been made obsolete by cerebral implants that stop the bike just by the rider thinking about braking. The advantage to cerebral braking is that there is no delay of reaction time because it takes about 0.25 seconds for signals from the brain to be sent to the hands to squeeze the brake. That 0.25 seconds could mean the difference between life and death.


This strange object is called a Slinky. It was a toy for children invented in 1943. It’s essentially a very pliable spring that kids would “walk” down stairs. There wasn’t a whole lot of spare metal lying around to make these toys when they first came out because of WWII so initially they were pretty rare. Now however you could buy one on amazon. Unfortunately for this toy its novelty wears off pretty quickly so unless you 5 with nothing better to do this toy didn’t really appeal to you. Slinkys are also used in laboratories to help scientists illustrate how energy waves move to visiting tourists; they were very useful visual aids for people who wanted to know more about how waves worked. With today’s 3D holographic technology developed by Stark Industries the same result can be accomplished more easily.


This is an Irish Bodhran Drum. It was usually played with a double-ended stick alongside Ireland’s famous bagpipes to provide percussion. It is still disputed to this day whether these were invented in the 1920’s or in ancient times. This particular drum was passed down through the generations of the Irwin family making it incredibly value and rare. It has a painting on the Maid or Erin, which basically is the Lady of Ireland and represents the traditional music of Ireland from the 1600’s to today. These drums are still made today by companies like Yamaha or Roland. The way to play it is by holding the stick in the middle and using both heads to play the drum. Professional Bodhran players can make one stick sound like two by playing drum roll with them.

Master Chief

This is an action figure, another toy children played with in the early years of this century. This particular one is called Master Chief from the Halo video game franchise. These games were one of the most popular first person shooter games during the 2000’s. Whenever a new game came out there was much anticipation throughout the gamer community only to be met with some disappointment because the new game wasn’t much different from the previous game. Master Chief was always a mysterious character because the audience never sees his face. There was much controversy as to what Master Chief was, is he a man? Is she a woman? Or an alien? Microsoft never released an official statement about what Master Chief was to keep the suspense up. Master Chief’s high tech armor suit was unimaginable back then with technology still being in the Cresting Era but now such suits have already been implemented for use in the US military.


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