Word Response to GIF


What I really like from this GIF is the message because I think that it is true for a lot of us and really makes sense especially in this time of information bombardment. The GIF fools us into reading everything but the word “concentrate” because nothing is happening to that word so its not as interesting. All the other words however are blurring out every second making it difficult but not impossible to read. The technical aspects of this GIF I think are well done. It doesn’t look dirty or thrown together and the animation and font work well with each other. I also like the color choice for the word “concentrate” in the middle is great. I think its generally agreed that red is the most passionate intense color when it comes to primal gut reactions, and making “concentrate” red really makes you want to focus on it but then the animation of the text makes you want to read that even more. When you read the black animated text it make so much sense because its basically saying that its so hard to focus on one thing in your life because there are so many ideas, designs, and advertisements hitting all of us at the same time that it makes us just want to drop everything and go lay down in the sun and smile about how simple the world could be. I chose this GIF because of this message and I feel like this message resonates with me. Whenever I’m doing a project outside of school, its always so hard for me to get it done because I come up with 8 new ideas during the production of one project and want to move onto those other ones rather than get my current project done.


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