Project 2 Jon Cozart GIF


The concept behind this GIF is that there really is no concept. The only GIFs I’ve ever seen are campy, funny, one-liners. So that was my only inspiration for this GIF. I couldn’t think of a “deep” message to put behind it. I wanted mine to be relatable, amusing, and visually interesting. I feel like I pulled those things off. The clip is from a Jon Cozart video where he does an acapella song about how all the disney princesses could have had horrible endings rather than happy ones. I took hats and head gear from the male characters of those movies these princesses were from and switched them around and spun them up to make a lot of things happen at the same time. I drew the hats in illustrator and then moved them slightly from frame to frame so that they would appear to move around the screen. The result of this process came out as well as I thought it would. Something I would go back and change would be to make the hats move faster and stop longer and at more equal intervals to make it more like a slot machine. I decided because I didn’t have time to do that I would make them move all around the screen rather than just stay stuck in their own columns. Another thing I might change would be to make the hats more realistic looking in photoshop. I’m happy with the way it came out even though I know there is not a strong message behind it.


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