Word Response to Map Reading

This reading was fascinating because its very true that we can’t actually see the world is round we have to trust in certain observations and details like shadows in different locations to tell us that the world is really round. Above all, however, we trust maps to tell us where things are and that the world is in fact round. I always thought, “What if I went outside and looked at a map of the US but then flew out into space and found out that it was completely wrong? Because from what I can tell from where I’m standing; this whole map might be completely fabricated.” Obviously I’ve learned to trust maps but I also liked his point that we only map things that we are interested which makes sense because why go through all the effort of making a map only to have no one be interested enough to use it. What certain people decide to map out says a lot about their culture or the people they are marketing it towards. I feel like a lot of maps around here are only used strictly for navigation because that’s the only purpose that we have for maps. Other people in other countries might have more extensive weather maps because their economy and survival is based primarily on agriculture so they need to know when the rains are coming.


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