Project 3 Parody Movie/Video Game posters

Action Movie Hero copy FINAL

Assassins Need Money copy FINAL

Mentor Movie copy FINAL

The idea behind these self portraits is clearly parody. I love making fun of the movies and games that I watch and play all the time because I get to see the same old tired cliches used over and over again and some of them you never get tired of. The other implicit idea I would like to share is that the main character in all these movie genres I’m making fun of are the same actor, me. I’m not saying that I could act out all these parts but with enough wardrobe changes and photoshop fixes you can make yourself into any character you want. I think that also say a lot about technology now as well any one could become anything and the possibilities are literally endless I explored a few options here but this is only the tip of the iceberg.
The problems I ran into with this one was my time constraint I had no more than two hours to take, edit and submit the photos in order to get this project done on time. I used some fonts from which are much easier to download now than they used to be and that made a lot of the production much faster. I’m really excited with how the pictures came out because all I did was take a foam white board I had sitting in my room and pointed a really bright flashlight at it to make and home built soft box. What I would differently next time would be to clean up my edits a bit cause they are too sloppy in my opinion. I used a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and a Nikon D70 to take the pictures of myself and Photoshop CS6 for the compiling and editing.

Britain Royal Wedding

I took this image from Conor Marsh’s Blog and I love the editing and self portraiture in these. He clearly thought through the facial expression and angle of his head that he would need to blend his picture in with the stock photo seamlessly. I appreciate how much effort went into getting the photo of himself and editing just right. I hope to match this level of cleanliness in my work.


So this is a picture from Elisabeth Scheible’s Blog and I thought it was a good piece to share because I believe it coincides with the level of quality I expect of myself when it comes to the authenticity of my art. The thing I like about this lantern is that it really looks natural with the background behind it. I really like other worldly content in art especially when details are thought through to make sure the viewer is fully immersed in the environment the artist is trying to convey.

Submitted: 10/14/13


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