Map 200 Word Response


This piece is The Palimpest (old gods) by Julie Mehretu. The medium is ink and acryllic paint on canvas its 60×84 inches so its pretty big. I honestly love this piece it seems so defined yet unresolved. 3D and 2D at the same time, from far away the lines of the piece solidify into bigger simpler shapes like buildings. The closer you get to it the more details you can see not only in the lines but in my opinion you can start seeing streets and pedestrians. The map doesn’t really convey any specific information and completely useless for actually navigating anywhere; but thats not the point, I think the point is to show how complex and simple architecture can be. There are blue planes in the piece that really give the piece more levels, the planes really allow you to see in to the piece to give it a more 3D look. The other thing I find really impressive is that the piece wasn’t done in a computer program, it was done by hand. It probably took dozens of hours to get this piece done. The intellect required to make the 3D effect on a falt piece of paper is phenomenal because the final result is so well done.


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