200 word Rules of Play response

This reading was very interesting because it really explained the way people’s minds work when playing a game. The design of the game can be as simple as Pong and be loved and avidly played by many people. I think also the inverse is true, game design and gameplay can be incredibly complicated and still be very enjoyable. With both simple and complex game design you run into the same problem, immersion. If there is a gameplay element that doesn’t stand out or doesn’t allow for enough freedom in a game the player always notices and allows that element to run their opinion of the game. The other thing that this reading touches on is the fact that most players are inpatient, we always want to level up to the topmost level as quickly as possible and this is what drives us to continue playing the game. Once we reach that level though, where is our motivation to continue playing the game? What elements to game designers throw into games to give them replay ability? Choice. Choices in the plot that drive the story forward always bring players back no matter what level they are in the game because they want to see how the story unfolds if they had made the other choices. The questions then become, who is really making art this time? The player or the creator? The player is making the game experience their own and has created their own character and made conscious choices to drive the story in the way they want to go. By making the experience their own do they have a stake in who made the art?


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