Project 4

Your name is Jim Clarence. You are an ex-marine turned CIA operative. You have been captured by the Bolivian Military and locked up in a jungle compound. When you were captured you were drugged and you wake up in what seems like an underground interrogation cell. You have been there for three weeks, everyday you have been tortured, interrogated or forced to work in the local coalmine like a slave.
One day you stole a glass of water from an office at the coalmine. After drinking the water and smashing the glass you take one of the sharpest shards and hide it in your mouth to bring it back to your cell for when they tie you up for the night.
During the night you use the shard to cut through your bonds. Your captors have nothing left to say to you so you knew you wouldn’t have to talk to them and that’s why they don’t really pay much attention to you anymore. That was their first mistake.
After freeing yourself you assume they have a guard posted outside the door and you know he armed with a Machine Pistol and a Knife. Everyday he wakes you up at 0700 hours to escort you to the Coal Mine. Now that you are free from the bonds you plan on overpowering him as he comes into the room and taking one of his weapons.
You must choose between the gun or the knife.

Choosing the gun seems like the obvious choice but the key to your escape is stealth because you are outmanned and outgunned. Firing the gun to kill a guard starts a firefight that you cannot win. You died.

The knife is the smarter choice for this situation because silence is absolutely key. This means slitting throats is your only option. You will survive until the next choice.

After using the knife to get to dispatch guards to get out of the under ground bunker you have memorized the compounds layout having been there for three weeks. You know where the administrative building is and you head there first because there will probably be something useful for an escape attempt there. You find a Radio and a Rope in the building after taking out more guards. The other advantage you have is that most of the prisoners are in the mine during the day so most of them aren’t alert or on the lookout for threats so this makes it easier to sneak up behind them and take them down. You must choose between a Radio or the Rope.

Choosing the rope is more useful in a survival situation but not so much for escaping a jungle compound. After grabbing the rope you bolt from the building and use the rope to rappel down the cliff that makes up one side the boundary around the compound. Unfortunately for you a patrolling guard that you didn’t see before sees the rope leading down off the cliff and realizes what you’re trying to do. He cuts the rope and you fall to your death.

The radio is the better choice here. Even though the rope would have helped you survive in the jungle. The radio allows you to call in for an evac helicopter so you don’t need to survive in the jungle for too long once you get out of the compound.

Once you have called in the cavalry you make your way to the outer fence. Unfortunately for you, another guard finds one of his dead companions and sets of an alarm. Suddenly guards are running everywhere looking for you. You need to get out of there fast but you need one more piece of gear to do it. You end up hiding from the guards in one of there own shacks and you find plastic explosives with a remote detonator and a hacksaw in there. You must choose one or the other.

Choosing the hacksaw may make sense for cutting through locks and disabling potential chase vehicles but the problem is using a hacksaw is very noisy and slow work and would attract the attention of local guards. Once they have found you they shoot you dead.

At this point they already know you’re trying to escape and they are already searching for you. Your only hope is to create a diversion and explosion always seem to do that well. Setting the explosives next to the kerosene tanks would probably do the trick. After sneaking over to the tanks and setting the bombs you make your way to the fence. Using the knife like a gardening trowel you dig a small enough hole under the fence and crawl through. After sprinting into the jungle you blow the kerosene tanks and call your evac again. They will be there within 14 hours you just need to survive that long. With the guards concerned with putting out the fire, searching for you is not their main priority.

I couldn’t get the actual website to load to WordPress so I posted the story that I typed for it instead.

The concept for this project was to have the viewer bring out those primal instincts that lurk under their modulating character. I wanted to put the viewer in a situation where they had to lose all inhibition and leave behind all humanity. The only thing that should have been left after that were the cold, calculating instincts of survival. I tried setting the tone of desperation in the pictures that I took for the website. I wanted to bring out fear and how it can work for you in a life or death situation, how it can make you more alert and really make you think through your next move. The other thing I was going for was trying show that the obvious choice is not always the right one and that choice is made by your adrenaline rather than you logic.
The biggest obstacle I encountered was trying to take pictures of myself alone. The timer on my camera was tricky and doing it while being “fake” tied up was next to impossible. The other problem I ran into was lighting. I had blacked out my whole basement and used flashlights to light myself but a lot of times it wasn’t enough light so I had to make lots of modifications.
The only two things that disappoint me are some of the pictures are out of focus and website doesn’t look good at all. I really wish I knew Dreamweaver better so I could give my site a better feel and look.


These two pictures really show what I was going for. I wanted my project to be gritty and real but also flashy like any other good action movie. Tese pictures are both from the movie Sahara. This movie was based on the Clive Cussler Book of the same name. I’ve read most of the Cussler books and he was the main inspiration behind this project. Cussler wants his readers to really experience fear and excitement at the same time. I was going for the same feeling, exhilaration.


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