Artist statement for Map Project AVT 280

App Map

The concept behind this map was to show what the smart phone can do that you don’t see. I wanted there to be clear districts between the different categories of apps because on your phone there is little that connects your apps together except for Facebook. I tried to connect Facebook to every app on the map in the most convoluted ways possible. We always go to great lengths to make sure that every thing we ever is shared on Facebook no matter how irksome it may be to us. I also made sure to make the social media app district the biggest district on the map because that is primarily what we used our phones for. I also threw in other phones throughout the map to show how connected they really are other than just through email, text, and phone calls. I wanted to show the viewer that every game we play and every travel app we use and every banking transaction we make is always connecting us to other people. I waned to make it look lie a real city so I tried to think through the roads as best I could. I used Photoshop and dreamweaver to make the actual site. I just wish I knew dreamweaver better because then I could have made the site much more advanced. The research I did was pretty basic I just looked up what were the top most apps that were used and bought and put those as the biggest most prominent apps on the map.


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