Chapters 3-5 Response

The idea that meaningful play comes not only from the context of the game the rules of it but purely from the interaction between the players as they play the makes so much sense. This idea is essential to keep in mind while creating gameplay mechanics and plot devices. But those things alone cannot create meaningful play. How the plot affects the player and how the actual gameplay gives the players certain abilities throughout the game all effect the interaction and experience the player gets but the interaction is more important than the rules.
The other interesting thing I gleaned from this reading is that is the context of the active or passive interface is incredibly important to make the player understand an aspect of the game or evoke a certain emotion or feeling from them. I think the interface of the game is really where the “rubber meets the road” when it comes to how the player interacts with your game. If you have too much passive interface in the game then the player may not understand what’s going on or they may get lost in the world, which may be the point of your game if that is part of the design. The thing games designers must balance is having enough active interface to keep the player engaged and enough passive interface to not be intrusive upon the players experience.


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