Meme of Thrones (Project 5 AVT 180)






The idea behind this project should hopefully be pretty obvious, comedy. Unless I am really not that funny (if I am, don’t tell me I like to think I’m the funniest guy in the room.) The thing I like about these kinds of memes is that they usually take something that is supposed to be taken very seriously like Game of Thrones and putting a funny spin on it or putting it into the context of another movie like Star Wars as if the characters know each other. The research I did for this project was pretty simple, all I did was look up Game of Thrones Memes on google. Once I had found some some funny ones I looked stock images from the show and picked certain pictures to turn into memes in Photoshop. Nothing about it really disappoints me because memes like this are allowed to look blatantly photoshopped so I’m not to worried about how it looks. If I were to go back and do something different it would probably come up with even funnier jokes with even more appropriate pictures.


This meme was really funny especially if you’ve seen the show. It really sums up the character pretty easily and I strived for that with my Daenerys meme.


These kinds of memes are always great because it always feels like on movie or show totally schooling another one. Even if you’re a fan of the show being owned its always a great laugh to see the characters be put in this context. This was obviously the inspirations for the “That’s Cute” memes I did.


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