Chapters 6-7 Response

The important thing about breaking down a term like interactivity is to know what kind of game you are defining. Breaking the word down to apply to console or PC games is an important first step. The “modes” of interactivity in chapter 6 seem like the easiest way to make sure you know what interaction you’re going for, and to make sure that you evoke the certain emotion you want from the player. I feel like designed choices create very strong plot dynamics and story arcs but I also think that unintentional interactions can be caused by these choices. For instance if you choose to betray a player in a game the other players may not trust you anymore and you may boost your defenses to make sure you don’t get ambushed. That choice of betraying a fellow player has now uniquely changed that players experience and now they must interact differently (meaning more defensively) in order to stay alive in the game. The other interactions we get from games especially MMO’s are fan communities so not only do players interact with a game but they also interact with the other people who play that game. This may cause certain games to change evolve into not only past times but into real social interactions with others and those interactions are all specialized and accomplish different things both inside and outside the game.


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