Art Statement of my Partners Work.

Fifty-Mile Fishbowl
By: Brad Saunders
Review by: Zachary Walker

The concept behind this map is I believe is to really show how a person can be born and accomplish a lot of academic achievement in an area that can be driven across in a car. I assume the research that went into this project was looking in old photo albums of himself as a kids and picking the ones that best showed what stage he was at in his life. I don’t actually know how to make one of these but the product is rather simple so the process must not be that hard to understand. I assume that he either coded the website in dreamweaver but he more likely copied and pasted links into a google map and tagged the images to certain addresses.
I think the thing I like the most about this work is the title because it just rolls off the tongue so well and it’s a good alliteration. It is also works well as a metaphor for being really busy but not really moving to new locations; kind of like how a real fish bowl is.


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