Games for Change Response

I’ve decided to review “Bioharmonious” which is a game that does exactly what is sounds like. In the world of this game there are two planets. One which was “manufactured” and one which is completely “natural,” both planets will die because both are plagued with problems. The player must drag and drop objects from both planets to one another to restore the balance between them. There are seven possible endings to this game depending on how you move the objects to give the different planets different abilities. The aesthetic of this game is very interesting, the planets don’t look anything like what we would think are conventional planets. The designers split the planets in two so the player can see the core of the planet because that is an important thing to watch to gauge the planet’s health. The feel of the game is calm, cool, and collected though there is a sense of pressure because you only have six minutes to try to save both planets. The shapes of the planets and the objects are very interesting because the plants don’t look earthly and the machines don’t look like anything a real engineer would build. The idea behind the game is to present an environmental message and how humans need to balance our unending and relentless building of machines with the planting of trees. I think this game is very simple in design but it works well. I really like the subtle differences you can affect with moving the objects between planets. I also feel like the look of the game matches very well with the game play because it is not a fast paced and crazy game so the look has a lot of cool blue and green colors and there aren’t any sharp geometric lines that would make you feel uncomfortable and tense. The game really calms you down even though the fate of two planets is in your hands.


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