Artist Response Game Project

This project became a massive production from such a simple idea. I just wanted to make a game that was like chess with a twist, and I feel like have succeeded in that aspect. This seemed like a simple enough plan but it was far from that optimist thinking. This game was originally designed on a circular board but that made no sense when it came to the actual gameplay. I used prismacolor markers and hot press matte board to make the board but originally I wanted to make the board in photoshop or illustrator to give it that clean cut graphic look but I didn’t want to have to pay to print it out. The pieces were sketched out on paper and then rendered in photoshop, then printed, and glued onto cardboard. If I had enough time I would have made molds and used clay to make the pieces. We decided to give the game a space StarCraft-like feel, I wanted to stay far away from the medieval time period to further separate this game from chess. The main concept behind this game was to balance luck versus skill. I always feel like that balance is incredibly hard to get right especially in strategy games. I feel like that balance is decent in my game because the luck of the dice roll determines how many moves you get for that turn and all the moves must be strategic and thats where the skill aspect comes into play. My main problem with game is that most rounds seem to end in draws so I need to find a way to ruin the balance of the game a little or just make it easier to win my game.


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