Redo Final Project

Thought Partition copy

My plan for the final redo project is redo project 1. I really want to make the concept clearer. Originally I wanted to convey the idea of complete calm I feel while biking. My head feels cleared and it allows me to partition out my thoughts into whats really important to solve my current problems. To improve the concept of this piece, I plan to include more biking imagery more seamlessly.
Another idea I had for the piece is to just make it a more tranquil and potentially more colorful nature scene. I would like to change the sky color, and potentially make the vegetation crazy colors as well. I think it would completely change the feeling of the picture to make it seem more like and acid trip.
Third idea I had was to make it the completely opposite of a tranquil nature scene, and make it an industrial slash and burn operation. I think for this concept I would add a lot of smog in the air and plenty of steam powered as well as nuclear powered machines. I think it would cool to have machines from the industrial boom of the early 1900’s and go up the time of modern machines today.


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