Final Project Redo of Project 1

Final Project redo PROGRESS copy

This Project was pretty much a no brainer to redo. I wasn’t happy with it after the critique and it was the one I got the lowest grade on. Instead of trying to make the original idea which was convey my thoughts while biking I decided to completely change the message of the piece. The original pictures look like serene nature scenes that man couldn’t possibly ever touch. So I made an image that illustrates exactly that. The main point of this picture is not only an environmental message, but it was also to fix the main issue with my original piece. The original was too ambiguous and didn’t really convey the concept I wanted to show, this time around I wanted to make the concept of my piece as obvious a possible. This piece contains a lot of images of factories and cities and other man made sculptures. The left side of this piece is meant to look menacing and foreboding while I barely touched up the right side at all. The other twist I tried to throw into this piece was the window with the progress bar in the top middle which is supposed to literally signify the destroying of nature that we call progress. I mainly used photoshop to put together the images and most of the images I found online and some of them I actually took with a GoPro at the Potomac River. If I were to go back and changes things about this piece I would want to make the pictures splice together more smoothly and find better suited pictures for better angles.


This picture was the main inspiration behind my project.


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