AVT 180 Final Project

Above is the link to our final project video.

The main idea behind this project was to give the viewer a simple straightforward look as to why Brad and I do what we do. The content was to be us two interviewing each other and both of us had different answers to give for the assigned questions. I think the fact that he’s a writer and I’m drawer make us worlds apart different but that doesn’t mean we can’t still learn from one another. This idea of learning from each other was not explicitly conveyed but I hope it was implied.
We didn’t not have to do much research for this project seeing how all the question were about ourselves the only real research we had to do was look up pictures to use in the video and information about inspirations we had chosen for the first question.
The first thing we did is write the questions we wanted to answer then we both went our separate and answered them, this essentially wrote our script. After that we got together and filmed the interview; Brad then sent me the pictures he wanted to include in the video to help the viewer visualize what he was talking about. I put both the video we made and pictures we took from the Internet and edited them in Final Cut Pro to make the final product. I’m excited to see the reaction we get to the small licks of humor I added here and there. There is always something about every work that I make that disappoints me but here that mistakes are not as pronounced. I just have some problems with some of the scene transitions I did but that’s about it. What I would do differently next time would be to shoot the video for each question separately rather than in just one setting like the way we did it. Like I said before I used Final Cut Pro to edit, then I used Compressor to make into an MP4 then I uploaded it to YouTube.


This is Ryan Higa and he is one of the most subscribed youtubers on the internet. I really like his style of video and tried to edit mine the way he edits his videos, with stupid pictures that pop up to illustrate what he is saying. All his videos are hilarious and well written and I hope to make videos as good his one day.

Clive Cussler

I actually used this picture in the video, and I stand by what I said there. Cussler is one of the best action story writers of all time. I love the suspense, the action, and the romance in his stories because they are all so well done. I’m also interested in writing stories and if I were to do that I would make them action stories like Cussler’s.


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